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A fond farewell to Purple Scout

So, this is it.

I switched on the alarm at the Purple Scout offices, probably for the last time. A few tears were shed and a few hugs were shared during the latter part of the evening, I'm not ashamed to admit. Purple Scout has been like a second home and family for me for the better part of four years. I pity one and all who have not been so lucky as to have experienced the camaraderie and fellowship associated with being a Purple Scout employee.

Why am I leaving Purple Scout?

All other things being equal, the reasons making the scale tip over to Procera's favor were threefold: First, for various reasons I have never been able to complete a project or product about which I have felt both engaged in and proud of, and the PSM project/product might just be it. The next opportunity for a project that I feel so strongly about had I stayed with Purple Scout would most likely be a long way away. It's a personal type of closure that I've yet to achieve. The second reason was more of a pragmatic one. When this project was removed, what was I to do? Certainly there would eventually show up some sort of task that I might perform, but I find it highly unlikely that I would get the same sort of challenges, team dynamics and sense of brotherhood that the PSM-team has. Finally, and by far the most important reason, almost the entire team of my project collectively signed the new employment contracts, with the last member having personal reasons for not doing so. We even sent all of our signed contracts in the same envelope.

And where am I going?

My new employer is Procera Networks. Can they ever provide the same incredible experience? Well, they do have some exciting challenges lined up, first and foremost the next version of our software that we need to finish, but no matter what exciting technical problems they offer, will they live up to the same standards as Purple Scout when it comes to being a good employer and, indeed, a good friend?

Only time will tell, but I suppose the only way of finding out is at the end. Whether I'm about to cry because of people and places I already miss on my way out of the door. I sure hope that will be the case.

Procera certainly does show some promise though! Besides, our team will be quite the horde of Purple People joining Procera, so their resistance will be futile. They will be assimipurpled. Purplimilated. Purplified. Or perhaps they're just that good already. We'll see.

To all of you who make up Purple Scout and its ideals, thank you for the wonderful time we've had, and a special thank you to Johan Strömhage and Kasper Aase whose dedication to their employees have been a beacon of light through economic recessions and growth alike.

Suspiciously absent above, but no less instrumental to my experience at Purple Scout is Emil Erlandsson. However, he's part of the swarm of Purple locusts currently preparing our descent upon the unsuspecting Malmö offices of Procera Networks. I'm not quite done with him yet :)

I wish Purple Scout all the best in the future and I hope to be meeting and working with all of you again!



PSM-team is dead, long live PSM-team!

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    Response: linked webpage
    Fnordology - Journal - A fond farewell to Purple Scout

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